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Hello! My name is Saule (Sun) and I'm from Lithuania. I like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry (and other singers). Also I love watch movies (action, horror, sci-fi) and series.
So everything you will see in my tumblr will be things that I love and a little bit more.
Enjoy my friends! :3
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    Allow Barnes the dignity of his choice.

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    Be Kind to Moth

    A short comic based on this post that’s been going around.

    Please be kind to our tiny friends? Moths are really harmless, and despite the fact that people freak out over them eating holes in your clothes? Only very few species do that, and it’s not even the adults. It’s their little babus who you’ll see munching away XD. Moths are harmless in pretty much every way shape and form, and things like candles and bright lights confuse their internal navigation systems. A moth in your home flying towards a light is literally terrified and confused. So be nice the the little cutie and just bring it ouside? :)

    moths pollinate at night and are also food for our ever-valuable and vulnerable friends the bats!
    Be nice to moths.

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